Inani Lethu ICT is a South African, level 2 B-BBEE, IT Support Services and Management Company. We offer IT Hardware procurement and Implementation, End to End IT Support Services or IT Support Services over only a few identified technology areas within a business.

Our products and services aim to create ease of service, efficient and effective management of operations, as well as detailed reporting on critical business operations and functions. With our growing portfolio offering, Inani Lethu ICT aims to the preferred strategic business partner in the effective and efficient management of ones business through IT.

We have formed strategic partnerships with MINFO.


Detailed Service Catalogue

Download our detailed service catalogue here…


Service Offering

CYBER Security

How vulnerable is your environment to threats?

Do you know?

We can tell you.


Are your users and device connections, both internally and externally, reliable and consistent?

We can optimise and find the best solutions to eliminate the stress.

End User Support

Do you need effective and efficient resolutions to day-to-day desktop/laptop frustrations, incidents and recurring issues?

We provide a central point of contact via a Service Desk and onsite desktop support.


Are you proactive in fault finding and mitigation of problems and risks in your IT environment? Do you have adequate collection and understanding of systems data and information?

We monitor IT systems and provide data and information for proactive decision making in the IT environment.

Office 365

Do you need effective management of your office productivity tools?

We manage office 365, the leading set of productivity tools in business today.

Active Directory

Does your company require the management of user accounts and profiles?

We provide Active Directory administration.


Do you require the Implementation, management, updates, backups and maintenance of physical and/or cloud based servers?

We provide this service.

Printer management

Is managing your printers, time consuming and taking you away from your work?

We Manage 3rd party Printer Service providers.


Do you need guidance on how to align IT with your short-term and long-term business objectives?

Call us!


We are a hardware and standard software supplier. Your business can benefit from our supplier relationships.

Voice over IP Phones

Does your business require VOIP solution?

Benefit from our relationships with our iConnect and Voys preferred service providers.

Detailed Service Catalogue

Download our detailed service catalogue here…


Level 2 contributor to B-BBEE

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Unit 120, Lombardy Business Park, Shere, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa